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Find the Operational Sources of Your Shrink

In recent years, organizations have focused on meeting compliance requirements often foregoing operational audits in favor of financial and reporting effectiveness. Although the focus may have changed, the environment in which you operate has not. Whether you're evaluating one operational area or end-to-end capabilities, we have a proven strategy to ensure you meet your operational goals.


Our audit staff members have all worked in supermarkets and have real-world experience running stores, which makes them uniquely qualified to provide real-world solutions. We provide experienced professionals who complete an audit and needs assessment to identify and target specific areas that are causing excessive shrink in your stores. We provide detailed results, complete with our findings, pictures, solutions and best practice recommendations designed to help you meet your goals.


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Audits are based on our proprietary assessment of:



Our internal audit methodology is designed to provide in-depth, fact-based results directed at improving your internal controls and maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Each engagement includes planning, execution, and reporting along with professional standards-based supporting documentation.


If you are experiencing unexplained variances, frequent write-offs, and unknown losses, or you simply question the effectiveness of certain processes, we are equipped to help. To schedule a comprehensive audit of your stores, call us at 602-448-8502 or email us at

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