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65% of all store shrink and 38% of total-store sales were attributed to perishable departments. The meat department contributed the highest amount of total store shrink at 18% of total store shrink or $93,414 in annual in profit loss. Produce was the second-highest shrink contributing department at 16% of total store shrink or $82,022 in profit loss.


As supermarkets continue efforts to differentiate themselves from their competition, they are learning that customer loyalty is cultivated more through perishables and people, than just dry groceries with competitive pricing. As a result, companies are increasingly focused on enhancing and expanding their perishable departments as a competitive advantage. Freshness, quality, and product availability all contribute to a strategic advantage in the competition for customers but, if not closely managed, these factors also contribute to excessive amounts of shrink and lost profit.

The top operational causes of perishable shrink are:



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