Shrink from Theft


36% of all reported shrink was attributed to theft and or misdeeds.


Categories of Shrink from OperationsTheft is that class of inventory and/or profit shrink caused by the stealing, pilfering, larceny, and other misdeeds resulting in product and profit loss. Theft is intentionally caused by employees, customers, or vendors and is tracked in four primary categories:

  • Shoplifting
  • Vendor Theft
  • Cashier Theft
  • General Employer Theft

No thief wants to get caught. Consequently, when an atmosphere is created in which people do not believe they cannot steal without being detected - and they fear the consequences of dishonest actions - theft is minimized. Smart companies have determined that a theft-resistant atmosphere can be created if effective tactical (policies, procedures, methods) and strategic (visibility, education, awareness) approaches are adopted.


While shrink from theft and misdeeds accounts for 36% of all store shrink, 29% of theft related shrink is controllable. A focused and effective program to curtail theft related shrink loss could yield a $55,364 profit  improvement opportunity in the average store.


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