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Supermarket Security and Loss Prevention 2009 - Food Marketing Institute

As economic woes lessen, retailers report a decrease in shrink. In this report, 7,847 stores share their experience with balancing budgets, equipment and personnel to create the best loss prevention strategies. It provides an in-depth look at all forms of loss as well as methods used to prevent theft in the food retailing industry. The report includes national benchmarks as well as comparisons based on company size, sales and format. Read about: - employee and vendor theft - shoplifting and ORC - worthless checks and credit card fraud - gift card fraud - loss prevention training and personnel - loss prevention equipment such as CCTV, EAS and POS.


Security Research Project, Department of Criminology, Law and Society, University of Florida

The Security Research Project endeavors to study various elements of workplace related crime and deviance with a special emphasis on the retail industry. The principal research activity is the National Retail Security Survey, a nationwide annual study now in its nineteenth year comprised of the most recent empirical data on retail loss prevention, asset protection, and security activities.


Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011

How much are the world’s retailers losing to retail crime? Who is responsible for it? What kind of products are most at risk? What strategies are the world’s retailers adopting to fight shrink? These are just some of the questions that retailers in 43 countries were asked, in this year’s edition of The Global Retail Theft Barometer.


Annual Retail Theft Survey - Jack Hayes International

Hayes International’s 23rd Annual Retail Theft Survey.

Loss Prevention 2010 - Battling Shrink in Tough Times

It is no secret that in a tough economy shrink rates climb. Individual customers steal more merchandise, employees are more likely to siphon cash and goods from employers, and organized crime rings have even greater motives to strike out against retail targets. How then, are retailers shoring up their line-of-defense assets – Loss Prevention tools and technologies – to protect themselves from growing threats?


The Retail Shrink Benchmarking and Analysis Tool - National Shrink Database

The National Shrink Database (NSD) is an innovative tool for the retail industry to benchmark shrink experience and security measure utilization across the United States. NSD members can examine data for different retail sectors and can drill down from national to state and local levels.


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