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For store operations results that last, we offer a complete, proven process for lasting shrink control. Our experts train your executives and managers how to execute smarter shrink-control and profit-producing best practices. We create excitement, energy, and motivate your team with a common cause. With this training, every executive, manager and employee will be moving in the same direction with common focus, expectations, and goals.


Training to Inspire, Motivate & Increase Profit.

Policies don't prevent shrink, people do; but they have to be educated and trained in store-wide best practices to accomplish your shrink-reduction goals. Training is a vital component of any operations-centric loss prevention and control initiative. We have developed a succinct training approach to teach store, district, and loss prevention managers “why to” and “how to” reduce, prevent, and control store shrink.


Our expert trainers instruct your managers to understand, identify, and solve their problems and improve end-to-end operations. We thoroughly educate and train your managers to visibly increase profits. Our trainers will teach shrink prevention teamwork, stress the importance of and train for the required modification of the behaviors associated with store operations and shrink prevention control, and teach effective supervisory techniques to ensure efficient store-level implementation all to achieve a true and lasting operating culture transformation.


Make the Leap to Success

Leap to Success

Are we operating as efficiently as possible? How can we increase profits? Do our employees provide exceptional customer service every day? Does our culture support our vision, goals, and core values?


To help you meet your goals, we provide comprehensive training with our industry leading store operations and shrink control program. It’s more than a training, it’s a transformation of how your store managers think, act, and do their job every day.






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Where's The Shrink

Effective shrink prevention begins with up to date shrink awareness training. Attendees will learn the latest causes and cures of shrink and profit loss and the latest facts and stats from the supermarket industry. Discover the industry best practices for controlling shrink to its minimal level and learn: nine ways to reduce perishable shrink, 12 best practices for fast shrink reduction, the most effective methods to measure your shrink, what shoplifters are stealing and how to stop them, operational causes of shrink vs. theft, top technologies proven to reduce shrink, five steps to measuring shrink, and more.



Driving Perishable Profit

Perishable TrainingThere is an inseparable link between shrink control, sales, and customer satisfaction; and all three drivers of profit in your perishable departments. This class is the perfect choice for teaching store managers and perishable managers how to cut your perishable shrink losses and become more sales-driven and control-oriented. In this session, you will learn:




The Power of Engagement

Discover how market leaders are driving customer service satisfaction and customer loyalty to record highs using a simple and proven customer service method that once implemented can yield 27% less shrink, 25% less turnover, increase productivity up to 18% and pump up customer loyalty by 12%. The competence of engagement is more than a human resources initiative and is quickly becoming a strategic foundation for how the most successful companies do business.



Compete Beat and Win Against Super Stores

It is unlikely you will beat the super store on pricing. The good news, you don’t have to and your customer doesn't expect you to! Learn over 17 proven ways to successfully compete when the super store comes to town and takes an average 17% of your sales away. Take home strategies for how to compete, beat, and win against them and, more importantly, learn what NOT to do when competing with the big box stores.



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