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What is Your Most Valuable Asset?

engagement [ɪn-ˈgeɪdʒ-mənt, en-]



When we ask companies the simple question, “What’s your most valuable asset,” most CEOs say, “Our people.” Not one has ever said their facilities, their quality of food offerings, or even their P &L. Almost without exception, they all say the same thing. Our people. And they are right. Your brand thrives or dies based on the employees who work for you.


But the next question, “If your people are your most valuable asset, when was the last time you implemented a formal feedback survey to hear what they have to say about the company and to listen to their ideas for improvement?”. The answers here are not as simple. Fact is, while 95% of CEOs say their employees are their most valuable asset, only 30% actually have a formal process in place to properly measure and react to how their employees think and feel about the company.


An employee survey can be one of the most powerful tools for management to assess the effectiveness of its strategy and maximize the potential in its human capital. Strategic employee surveys can be used in four key ways:


  1. Identifying “warning signs” of trouble within the business in areas such as safety and ethics
  2. Evaluating the effectiveness of specific programs such as benefits or initiatives including diversity
  3. Measuring the satisfaction and engagement of employees to support recruitment and retention
  4. Driving high performance by analyzing employee perceptions of an organization’s climate for service


Research has shown a significant ROI from employee engagement. When properly designed, implemented and analyzed, employee engagement tools help management take action to align operations with its strategy, values and goals. This alignment is especially important in supermarkets, since every store will have its own culture, perceptions, and values, even within the common framework of the organization.


Learn more about engagement through a case study of Apple.


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