Non-Perishable Shrink


Non-perishable departments (grocery and center store, including dairy, frozen, beer/wine/liquor, HBA, GM and pharmacy) averaged 62% of the total store sales and contributed 35% of total store shrink or $172,303 of total store shrink. The average grocery department reported 1.10% shrink, or $71,010 in annual in profit loss. General Merchandise posted the second-highest non-perishable shrink at 2.71% shrink, or $41,011 in profit loss.

Non-Perishable Shrink


Unlike perishable departments where the profitability of the product begins to decline the moment you receive it, non-perishable departments experience uniquely different forms of shrink.


Substantial improvements in non-perishable shrink can be made by following five practices:



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